Please note that I am no longer promoting this product because it has too many issues and does not deliver what it says.
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Ok we have another crafty sales pitch promoting Easy Click commissions.  We have so many of them in recent past that I have lost track of them. Ok I am not going to whine about the hype that surrounds a product launch only to finally find out that product was off by a mile.

Coming back to Easy Click Commissions review, I seriously doubt that you can make that whopping money online as claimed in its pitch. However, having said this, Easy Click Commissions has following things going for it.

  • Its seriously low price
  • It is a package; I will explain it in a while
  • Sustained Source of Traffic

The things, which I personally do not like about the system:

  • Instant generation of online income would not be possible; it may take to weeks to month’s time to see your first sale
  • Reliance on one source of traffic
  • Last but not the least, its over-hyped sales pitch. Seriously, this kind of promotion drives me mad at times.

So here, it is how Easy Click Commissions works:

It centres on article marketing.  It gives you facility to enter seed word in your niche and then expand on it and load articles related to it and spin them to make it unique.

It also gives you the interface to submit these articles to various article directories. Everything is done in piece of software.

You also get the video training to use this software effectively

In basic version, you can submit to 10 article directories, whereas in advanced version you get to submit to 65 article directories.

The only issue with all of this that, articles that are created by the software are not unique on its own and at times may render itself as unreadable. Therefore, you have to edit it to be accepted by article directories.

My Final Take:

On the face of it the sales pitch of Easy Click Commissions annoys me as it claims are way out of proportion. However, at the same time, the product delivers value in terms of automation of entire article marketing process, subject to the glitches here and there.

Easy Click Commissions is worth a try at low price of $ 49

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